"The management staff at HiSAN would like to extend our gratitude to all at ESS for their support and help in getting us through some very intense times over the last month. Even though at times, it seemed that we were faced with an impossible task, it would have seemed even more so, without the help and dedication of all at ESS Delivery Services.

There were times that we taxed your resources to the fullest extent, but you always came thru and performed at the highest level. There were times when part of your management team was here during all hours of the day or night just to ensure that everything was going as scheduled.

There were the times that we had depleted your equipment due to the excessive expedites and you rented more to be able to meet HiSAN\'s needs. There were also times that we had to run your drivers out of hours, and at that point, Terri, Joe,Scott, or John would take over and see that the parts were delivered on time.

Thanks to your efforts and ours, we have started to recover from this unpleasant and very costly position. On behalf of everyone at HiSAN we wish to extend our sincere thanks to ESS Delivery Services. "

- Anonymous
Findlay, Ohio